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VYVO Watch Lite SE

This optimized Life Watch is equipped with an impressively effective range of state-of-the-art sensors, capable of measuring multiple parameters, including body temperature and blood oxygenation. The VYVO WATCH LITE SE presents users with easy-to-understand, real-time data on their Life Watch display, as well as comprehensive reports on their smartphone, using the VYVO Smart companion app.

Sleeker and ultra slim

VYVO WATCH LITE SE helps you take better care of yourself. All you have to do is use it and live your best life. This stylish Life Watch encourages a more active lifestyle by using its continuous real-time monitoring capabilities to track your vital signs and other parameters. In addition, it has many notification features such as background Atrial Fibrillation detection, Body Temperature alerts, sleep apnea event detection, exercise feedback, and even local air pollution warnings.



Body temperature

Texas Instruments' built-in dual medical level temperature chips combined with an AI algorithm, allow your VYVO WATCH LITE SE to monitor your body temperature
The 24 hours of the day. It lets you know if you have a fever. The measured temperature data is synchronized with the application, and a continuous curve of temperature change will be generated in the application. This helps you track your body temperature anytime, anywhere to better take care of your health.


Continuous detection of atrial fibrillation

The high-frequency PPG sampling of your VYVO WATCH LITE SE combined with sophisticated signal refinement, increased pulse waveform processing, the use of different algorithms, and detailed Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis enables continuous monitoring. and background detection of atrial fibrillation (A Fib). In addition to detecting A Fib, using AI, your VYVO WATCH LITE SE is also capable of detecting five other types of arrhythmia.


Dynamic heart rate monitor
and HRV analysis

Your Life Watch detects your heart rate and,
Combined with other data, it can deduce your heart rate variability (HRV), fatigue state, and can detect critical abnormalities:

• Dynamic continuous heart rate and
continuous in real time with detection of
atrial fibrillation;
• Your VYVO smart app shows your average, lowest and highest heart rates.


scientific evaluation
sleep quality analysis

Your VYVO WATCH LITE SE is so comfortable to wear that it is easy to follow your dream. The data it collects provides insight into the time you spend in various stages of sleep, such as light, depth, and wakefulness, as well as giving you a deeper insight into the quality of your sleep and ways to improve it. As the quality of your sleep is deeply related to your overall health and well-being, taking steps to improve the quality of your sleep is a big step forward in terms of improving your self-care.

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Biometric Recording 24/7

Your VYVO WATCH LITE SE can monitor your biometrics seamlessly and seamlessly every day, all day, even when you sleep. When combined with the VYVO smart app, the secure, real-time transmission of your data allows advanced algorithms to analyze your data, so you can relax and feel comfortable.
knowing that all your vital signs and other data are safely stored and your report is available whenever you are ready.


Mood and energy monitoring

Your VYVO WATCH LITE SE collects data that is analyzed to determine your energy levels, stress, and your mood. This continually updated information helps you gain a more complete and in-depth understanding of the activities that affect your daily fitness and mood. When you are equipped with this knowledge, it becomes easy to take appropriate measures (such as physical activity, taking supplements, engaging in joyful activities, resting or meditating) to improve your mood, increase your energy so that you enjoy a healthy lifestyle. and can achieve its full potential.


SpO2 measurement

Using sophisticated infrared (IR) and near infrared (NIR) sensors developed for PPG, your VYVO WATCH LITE SE provides results similar to a pulse oximeter. It continuously measures your peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels, allowing you to monitor any changes in blood oxygenation. The precision of the measurement is evaluated by comparing the results obtained with a traditional oximeter and the measurements of the VYVO Life Watch device. As the measurement frequency changes, the differences between the measurements obtained by both are extraordinarily small and are within a minimum error range.


Sleep apnea detection

VYVO WATCH Lite SE helps you reduce
risks associated with sleep apnea when
continuously monitor the variation in their SpO˜ levels, which helps to identify and track apnea episodes during sleep. If your blood oxygen saturation level falls below the normal threshold, you will receive a vibration on your wrist indicating that you need to change your sleep position to help you breathe easier.





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