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Life Frequencies X8


Scalar Waves: Scalar Waves in their simplest form are shaped waves of equal magnitude and frequency and are exactly opposite in phase shown below.











Scalar Waves were initially discovered by the great Nikola Tesla. He used a series of coils to achieve these remarkable shape waves, which are known as "Longitudinal Waves."


Shape waves like these cancel each other out and create a "zero point" state. This is where the mystery happens, because the energy cannot be canceled. The energy still exists. These Waves have been used for energy experiments (called zero point energy), levitation, and many other unusual purposes. Our latest Life Frequency System has implemented them in the Rife Systems for your experiments. The results when using scalar waves for healing are remarkable


Scalar Waves at Life Pro 3 Frequencies are accurate to 15 decimal places of PI. This is a great achievement in the Rife world and in the world of Frequency Therapies. This has never been possible before and our latest Life Frequency System are the first to meet and overcome the challenge.


To make it possible to hear the Scalar Waves we add a 3rd phase signal. Without it you would not be able to hear anything, because the waveforms cancel each other. With that being said, if you have a well-matched set of speakers and run Scalar Waves, you can position your head at a point in front of the speakers where you won't hear anything. It is extremely interesting

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What reality do we live in when a drug like this can be sold to the public? I'm sure you've seen your share of these commercials on television. They have finished. It's absolutely amazing what they're getting away with.

There are natural alternatives to harmful chemical drugs and you are about to discover the most powerful and proven alternative right now: Life Frequencies Pro 3. Frequencies are the foundation of everything. Cancer cells can resonate, destroying them in the same way that a singer breaks a glass with sound and can be used to regenerate and heal.

If you really want to get rid of something, you have to get to the source of the problem. That's what Life Frequencies Pro 3 does. Get right to the source of your problems. It treats the main health problems and also things that may be related to it, such as pain, anxiety, insomnia and more.

You'll get real results using Life Frequencies Pro 3, even when medications and other treatment methods have failed. It does it naturally, with no side effects or addictions, and it's easy for anyone to use.

You are reading this page now, discovering something that will change your life in a very positive way. When you finish reading it, you will understand well how everything is related. This is the future of health.


About Dr. Rife and The Rife Machine

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife is known as "The Man Who Cured Cancer". He discovered that certain frequencies destroyed cancer cells, viruses, parasites, and bacteria. He did this with a frequency generating device that became known as a Rife Machine.

Dr. Rife cured more than thirty stage 4 cancer patients who were deemed "beyond help" with his Rife machine.


Now, we have a new technology based on the same principles, combined with Dr. Rife's research that can do the same: use your computer. All of this is possible due to advances in computer processors and new programming algorithms.


How does it work :

You've probably heard of an opera singer smashing a glass of wine by singing a note. The note the singer holds is the resonant frequency of the wine glass. This sustained sound wave (note) causes the glass to break.

Scientists like Tesla and Dr. Rife have shown that everything in existence has a resonant frequency of its own. For example, the carcinoma cancer cell has a resonance frequency of 2128 Hz. When a cell resonates with its resonant frequency, the cell is destroyed.


Cancer, parasites, viruses, bacteria, and other organisms have their own resonance frequencies. The frequencies that these organisms destroy are called Rife Frequencies.

Old Rife Machines came with two metal hand cylinders that you held in each hand. Most cardiologists advise against holding metal cylinders in each hand pumping electricity. Although the method works, new technology has eliminated the use of such practices for the most part.


With Life Frequencies Pro 3, you will use your computer's speakers or headphones to transfer the Rife Frequencies to your body. Why?

  • The special sound waves and algorithms in the life frequencies make the Rife frequencies more effective than the older methods.

  • Sound is 5 times more efficient in water than in air; we are composed mainly of water.

  • The body adjusts more easily to this efficient method of frequency delivery.

  • The sound is natural, the electricity not so much.

  • Safe for the heart and safe for pets!

Using carpal tunnel headphones.

Rife Machine Sections of Life Frequencies Pro 3

Life Frequencies Pro 3 has the most extensive Rife Machine system available. It is easy for anyone to use. Until we launched this technology, Rife machines were very difficult to use because they had to be programmed and required routine maintenance.

It includes :

  • Rife Machine X7 Pro - With 2,569 easy presets for any health problem you can imagine.

  • Rife / Manual Structuring: Enter the frequencies you want and structure the water and oils to make homeopathic remedies.

  • Auto Rife - The easiest Rife machine of all, but powerful!

  • Sweep / Step Frequency Generator - Helps find NEW healing frequencies.

About Rife Machine X7 Pro

Rife Machine X7 Pro is an advanced, powerful and easy to use Rife machine. It has capabilities that other Rife machines do not have.

You can easily run 30 Rife frequencies at the same time in a single preset. Not only can you run 30 Rife frequencies at the same time, you can also chain up to 7 Rife presets and run up to 210 Rife frequencies per session.

What does that mean for you?

It means you get better results, faster and easier.

In the modern world, we have new health problems that simply cannot be eliminated with old technology. You can choose from 2,569 quick presets to treat almost any potential health issue.

It has a frequency display so you can see the default running frequencies and it also shows the running frequencies in the display boxes. The frequencies can be sent to the Manual Rife section of the program, in case you want to modify them or use them to make homeopathic remedies.

Rife Machine X7 Pro has a built-in timer. Times are set with a simple mouse click.

Also :

  • You can choose between sine or harmonic waves, both used in Rife's work (explained in the documentation).

  • You can activate Modulation, a special algorithm that enhances the use of speakers and headphones for Rife Frequency.

  • You can also select Scalar waves. This is something that has been impossible to do with Rife technology, even Life Frequencies.

  • You can save an unlimited number of your own presets, for a quick recall later.

Rife Machine X7 Pro allows you to record your Rife sessions in OGG (Audio Prescriptions ™) audio format.

Let's say you have a patient, relative, or friend with a health problem and all you have is an iPhone or Android tablet. Just record the preset session and the OGG file can be emailed to someone and run on ANY computer, smartphone or tablet, using free OGG player apps available from app stores.

About Rife manual and structuring to make homeopathic remedies

The Manual Rife / Structuring section of Life Frequencies Pro 3, is where you can enter any frequency you like or structure water and oils to make your own homeopathic remedies.

Structuring is really easy to do. Just click a button and run the frequencies through headphones or speakers in a container for 40 to 60 minutes, and that's it. The special algorithms in the program do all the work.

Use Structuring to:

  • Pain relief remedies

  • Detox for chemtrails, heavy metals, liver or general detox

  • Formulas for addiction

  • Other things from frequency presets or your own frequency sets

The structure can last up to eight months in a UV proof container using pure mineral or spring water and up to 15 months using base oils such as almond oil.

You can also import frequencies from Rife Machine X7 Pro or Sweep Generator, where you can modify them and save them as a User Preset.

As with the Rife Machine X7 Pro, it has a timer, frequency display, and selectable waveforms, including modulation and scalar waves.

In manual mode, you can enter up to 30 frequencies and run them in one of three modes.

  1. Single-timed - Frequencies run one at a time at a time that you configure for each frequency.

  2. Multi-time: the frequencies will all run at the same time with a set time.

  3. Multi-continuous: all frequencies will run at the same time until you want them to stop (no time limit)

You can save an unlimited number of your own presets and also record your sessions in OGG (Audio Prescriptions ™) files for use on all smartphones and tablets.

You can also record your frequencies to WAV audio files to make CDs.

About Auto Rife

Auto Rife is a powerful Rife machine for quick access. It is ideal for beginners and advanced professionals, and it has all the power of the Rife Machine X7 Pro.

Auto Rife is the easiest Rife machine to use, anywhere! We've taken 21 common problems, created powerful Rife Machine X7 Pro chained presets, and made them so that all you have to do is select a preset and click Start.

We have even set the levels and times. Anyone who can click a select box with a mouse and click Start can use Auto Rife.

The goal of making Auto Rife was to make it very easy for even the beginner-level computer user to get started with Rife technology.

Auto Rife completely automates everything!

TBSW PRO: the best solution to relieve pain and cure Theta

TBSW stands for Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves. This new generation of healing has become the powerful alternative to binaural beats.

Since its launch in 2008, TBSW technology can now be found in doctors' offices and hospitals around the world. With Life Frequencies Pro 3 in the comfort of home.

TBSW Basics:

You've probably known or heard that someone was in a car accident and didn't feel a thing, even though they might have been hit. This is because the brain releases powerful endorphins to relieve pain in the body during trauma.

TBSW waves allow you to safely control these endorphins to eliminate pain naturally, through the use of special frequencies and waveforms. All you need to do is put headphones in your ears and run the frequencies.

TBSW does much more than just get rid of pain. It can be used for addictions, insomnia, stress relief, weight loss, theta healing, and more. TBSW improves the Binaural Beats and adds new dimensions. It's easy to use and has all the tools you need to take healing and recovery to new levels.

There are 21 TBSW presets pre-programmed in TBSW Pro. To run the presets, simply set the preset type, background sound, time, and click the Start button.

Built-in TBSW presets (scroll to view)

You can enter any frequency you want in manual mode. You have immediate access to hundreds of brain wave frequencies that you can use in Single or Dual modes for your own experiments.

The pain relief with TBSW is amazing! Many practitioners have scrapped their Tens Units, because TBSW is a modern solution and has much more versatility.

For chiropractors, doctors, dentists, and physical therapists, you can run one of the pain presets during or at the end of the session. TBSW has made Tens Units obsolete. It will leave you with very happy patients. Don't get left behind in this powerful technology!

"I have regenerative disc disease and some ruptured discs. I have been suffering for over 30 years and pain meds just don't work. I tried TBSW and had instant pain relief. It's a godsend and anyone in pain! chronic should have it! "

Michael K. - New York


  • Get fast, safe and powerful natural pain relief with no side effects or addictions.

  • Treat headaches and migraines in minutes.

  • # 1 in the world for Theta Healing.

  • Use it for insomnia, stress relief, and hundreds of other problems.

  • Record and provide TBSW files to patients / clients that can be played on any computer or tablet, including iPhones, Macs, and Android smartphones.

  • Burn WAV files to make CDs.

  • Select soft background sounds for your TBSW sessions, if desired.

  • Built-in timer with automatic shutdown

  • SCALAR WAVES and Dual Mode for even more exciting possibilities.

About Chakra Tools

Chakras have been around since the beginning of recorded history. They are finally being widely used in the western world.

Chakra tools recharge the body like a battery charger. It does this by resonating the known Chakra frequencies, causing them to balance and align. When balanced, the body is resistant to health problems, phobias, addictions, and more.

This may sound strange to some of us in the west, but there are many people who do not use anything except Chakra healing that lives for more than 100 years. This can be easily seen with Tibetan monks and other cultures.

Chakras are widely used today for all kinds of physical, mental, and emotional problems.

Chakra Tools in Life Frequencies Pro 3:

  • It has three modes of operation. You can sync the frequencies individually, run them all at once on a timer, or run them all at once continuously.

  • You can choose from nine main chakras to work with. Select individual chakras or any combination you want.

  • It has a button that allows you to instantly access all the information about Chakras and health / mental problems that occur when they are out of balance.

  • Select from various soft background sounds while performing Chakra sessions.

  • Record and provide audio files of the Chakra session to patients / clients that can be played on any computer or tablet, including iPhones, Macs, and Android smartphones.

Chakra Information

You may be surprised how easily you can diagnose someone based on their emotional states. Chakra Info allows you to quickly learn this, giving you advanced information on Chakras and their effects on emotional, mental and physical problems when they are out of balance.

With a click of a button, you get all the information about Chakras, which you need for effective healing.

About ancient tones

For thousands of years, special frequencies have been used for healing work. Life Frequencies Pro 3 gives you the ability to use these special waveforms and frequencies to improve your life.

These special frequencies of healing have been highly effective and documented in different cultures around the world.

Ancient Tones has the most known, used and effective waveforms and frequencies used throughout history. Running these special frequencies in the background of a room can work wonders.

A normal frequency generator cannot generate these frequencies and waveforms correctly. Special processing is done by Life Frequencies Pro 3 to make them effective.

Ancient tones:

  • It has three modes of operation. You can sync the frequencies individually, run them all at once on a timer, or run them all at once continuously.

  • You can choose from eight special frequencies and waveforms to make the healing work.

  • Select from various soft background sounds while playing old tone sessions.

  • Record and provide audio files of the Ancient Tone session to patients / clients that can be played on any computer or tablet, including iPhones, Macs, and Android smartphones.

About the sweep / step frequency generator

The Sweep Generator is used to find your own healing frequencies.

Holistic practitioners use the sweep generator in conjunction with applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to find frequencies. These frequencies can be recorded using the HIT button on the sweep generator, transferred to Rife Manual / Structuring, and saved to presets.

The Sweep Generator can also be used while looking at things under a microscope. If you have a dark field or USB microscope (such as a Celestron LCD digital microscope), you can see the results that the frequencies have on the body.

The sweep / step frequency generator:

  • Smart Sweep: Knows the direction to sweep the frequency of the sweep range input.

  • Sweep or slow frequencies from seconds to minutes, allowing you to find resonant frequencies for all kinds of things.

  • Sweep sine or square waves.

Sweep frequency generators are useful tools for frequency therapy. This one has all the features of a very expensive lab grade generator.

Thats not all...

Since we released the first version of Life Frequencies almost ten years ago, we have learned quite a bit about how people like to use the programs. Life Frequencies Pro 3 has all the features that make it easy for anyone to use.

A client / patient database

Life Frequencies Pro 3 has a perfect customer database for healthcare professionals, families, and individuals. It allows you to keep track of symptoms, treatments, progress, medications and results and other information, without leaving the program.

The customer database is very useful!

You can track:

  • All basic customer information

  • Symptoms

  • Medicines

  • Diagnosis / Prognosis

  • Deals

  • Results

Embedded Notes

Life Frequencies Pro 3 has its own Notepad, so you can keep track of your experiments, frequencies, and more, without ever leaving the program.

Online video help system

The program will not leave you hanging when you have questions. The help section of Life Frequencies Pro 3 has extensive help and examples in each individual section of the program. You also have special access to videos that give you even more information and basic training for the program.

Life Frequencies Pro 3 is EASY to use.

Everything you need is in a complete and powerful system. You can download it right now and use it in minutes. It is yours forever and will be by your side whenever you need it, no matter what happens.

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