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Victor Argüelles: Founder of Holos888.

Well-being for your life.

Get :

"Fractal Meditation"

Make visible, the invisible; delve into your being and discover the wonderful power that everyone possesses but few develop.


Finally, recognize all your abilities, be aware of them and develop them, all with this great "Fractal Meditation".

Thanks to this Fractal Meditation:

  • You will learn to recognize your being

  • You will be aware of your innate abilities

  • You will begin the immersion in fractal geometries

  • You will get a one-of-a-kind meditation

  • You will strengthen your meditation abilities

  • Increase your connection with the Universe

  • Open your awareness of the macrouniverse and its connection to the microuniverse

  • Connect your cells with the stars and galaxies

  • You generate more energy in your body

  • Open the spherical consciousness to see life from other perspectives

  • Improve your emotional stability

  • Increase your creativity and your power of attraction

  • Create states of high and deep love

  • You create more happiness, love, and joy in your life.

Venta Meditación

Víctor Argüelles : With international training, he makes this wonderful meditation available to you thanks to his vast experience and preparation in holistic topics.

Get your Fractal Meditation

$ 30 USD

For only: $ 6 USD

Limited offer!



“It went very well for me, I felt very happy and I began to see the forms going from the macro to the micro. I finished very calm, very peaceful, thank you, thank you, it was wonderful, incredible "

"Nothing like this had ever happened to me in a meditation, it was very good, I felt good"

"Very grateful to you, with life, with God, with divinity and thank you very much"

"It was very nice, I feel peace and tranquility. I began to feel all the space, I was like a little girl that was the first time I saw that "

"I began to follow the meditation and I was able to continue to where you took us, ... it caught my attention, it is something that had never happened to me"

"I felt something indescribable in my head, like energy"

"Very relaxed, I lived the whole exercise from another place, I went to another plane"

"I feel relaxed, I really liked the feeling of all the planets are in my"

"Extremely relaxed, I saw many colors"

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