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Professor Konstantin Korotkov, a candidate for a doctor of science, a top scientific degree in Russia, is a venerable international scientist who comes from Saint Petersburg to share his discoveries as well as develop scientific research. Its method, which is known as Gas Discharge Visualization (VDG), allows us to visualize the human energy field and send its images to a computer. With this method it is possible to analyze the luminescence of living organisms, this involves animals, plants, blood samples, seeds.


When Dr. Konstantin Korotkov was still a young physicist, he wondered why in Christian icons the heads of the saints were surrounded by a nimbus. And why could the same halo be seen in the images of the Indian and South American gods? Was this a chance coincidence or was there a physical phenomenon thanks to which similar images were born between such different peoples? Does the man have the same aura that people with extrasensory gifts supposedly see?


Thanks to these questions, today it can be affirmed that each individual has an energy field before birth (in the mother's womb), during life and after death. In addition, thanks to the Gas Discharge Visualization (VDG) method, elaborated by Dr. Konstantine himself, it is known that by the state of this field, the mental and physical health of the person, their character, can be judged. And something very important and innovative, being able to observe the energy field and how it reacts to different influences.


The way of working with the camera, created by Dr. Konstantine, is extremely simple. The person's finger is given a short electrical impulse. Why to the finger? The hands are a very delicate and sensitive organ and also an immense source of information for the person. Through the hands a large amount of information is received from the outside world. In the fingers of the hands are located areas that are related to almost all systems of the body.

VDG bioelectric complexes found practical application in the following main areas:


- Analysis of the psychological state of the individual;

- Analysis of the psychophysiological state of the individual;

- Analysis of the vegetative state of the organism and certain functional systems;

- Monitoring of body reactions during treatment;

- Evaluation of the possibility of existence of some systematic alterations of the organs;

- The existence of changed states;

Sport: evaluation of the level of preparation of athletes for competitions. The VDG complex is installed in the Schools of the Olympic Reserve according to the mandate of the State Agency for Physical Culture and Sports. The VDG complex allows:

- Carry out the dynamic determination of the psychophysical potential of athletes in order to expeditiously control the level of functional reserves and the quality of health in the course of the study and training process;

- Provide the express diagnosis of resistance to stress and quality of the processes of mental and psychoenergetic mobilization in order to make predictions of the success of activities in competitions;

- Carry out evaluations of the differentiated rating of the psychophysical potential of the contingent of athletes examined in order to select, prepare and timely correct the training process.

Police bodies:

- Assessment of the stress level of cash and people, prone to illegal actions.

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