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Learn more about the history and who is behind Healy.


After years of research and testing, they simplified the way to deliver therapies for the reach of every human being who wishes to reach a deeper level. Based on the principles of Nicholas Tesla, Einstein, and other great scientists, Healy was developed.


From the developers of quantum physics equipment TimeWaver, Healy was born facing the exciting challenge of bringing this complex technology into a compact and easy- to-use format.



Healy World wants people to be able to live a holistic and healthy life. To do this, we focus on frequencies, exercise and nutrition.

Marcus schmieke

Marcus Schmieke, born 1966, is the inventor and developer of Healy and TimeWaver products.
Marcus had been thinking for many years of a way to make everyone benefit from TimeWaver technology in a simple compact format. What he had in mind was a device that everyone could use and that was compact, easy and practical.


Christian halper

Healy co-founder.

  • Electrical engineering / communications engineering studies.

  • Entrepreneur and founder of the hedge fund SUPERFUND.

  • Investor in sustainable technologies and vegan / vegetarian nutritional concepts.

  • Owner of TimeWaver and Healy Groups.


Nuno nina

Nuno is a Portuguese therapist who runs seven private clinics. He is a specialist in integrative medicine and cell biology. Through his experience with thousands of patients, he contributed the theories and findings of his research to the project in the form of a collection of 144,000 of the so-called "gold frequencies." When you first came into contact with TimeWaver technology,
Years ago, he immediately suggested combining it with the possibilities of frequency therapy to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

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