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"Doctors and everyone else must understand that we flood the body with hydrogen, oxygen as a first step. Conditions will improve rapidly if hydrogen and oxygen are continuously fed. Emergency room doctors, ambulance paramedics and medical doctors intensive care workers will be the first to understand the real importance of hydrogen. " Dr. Sircus


Hydrogen-powered protocols provide us with a completely new concept in intensive cancer treatment. When doctors leave us and cancer moves quickly to take our lives, we have to move fast and stop cancer in its tracks. Cancer, like a fire, is trying to spread. We need to bring enough equipment and enough water to stop the deadly fires and we have to do the same with cancer




Hydrogen helps protect us from cell damage caused by increased exposure to radiation, chemicals, and heavy metals. It will also offer some level of protection against oxidative stress caused by cell phones, Wi-Fi, and all the EMF pollution that is hitting us more and more. And it will protect us from the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy, and radiation that doctors use to treat cancer.


Hydrogen has a power, it is a force for life and its energies can be harnessed in the most extreme medical situations.


Deep sea divers can survive the depths of bone crush by breathing hydrogen.


The same H2 that feeds the sun can heal us from our afflictions. Everyone needs hydrogen! Hydrogen is the ultimate therapy against death, disease, illness, and everything else you might think is weighing us down. Electromagnetically smaller than an electron, hydrogen is able to pass through cell walls easily.


A hydrogen therapy machine is the single most important purchase one can make if one is desperate to regain health when nothing else has worked.

Conditions will improve rapidly if hydrogen and oxygen are continuously fed.


Hydrogen is serious medicine and so is oxygen. Both gases are nutritional and helpful for people with pain, illness, and cancer. Hydrogen allows the body to function and breathe under stress. And it allows for faster healing and recovery than when only oxygen is used. Pure oxygen is highly toxic and that is why oxygen cylinders are at least five percent carbon dioxide. Oxygen is widely administered and often saves lives, but it doesn't do the healing work that hydrogen does. The three main gases can be applied in all extreme medical situations.

H 2, O 2, CO 2

Combining gaseous molecular hydrogen with oxygen is the basic practice presented in Hydrogen Medicine with the addition of increasing levels of CO2 / bicarbonate in the blood. Hydrogen gas cavalry arrives just in time for many who are not keeping up with their health problems and medical costs. Those whose needs are the greatest will benefit the most from hydrogen because it penetrates the mitochondria, DNA, and every limb of the body. Accepted in Japan and China, hydrogen, the pure fuel that sends rockets into space, has been found to be extremely useful in the world of medicine.

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