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Ground connection
What is grounding?
Grounding is a therapeutic technique using products or activities that "ground", or electrically reconnect, you to the Earth. This practice draws on Earth science and earth physics to explain how electrical charges from the Earth can have positive effects on your body.

The number of people who are turning to the earth for natural pain relief is growing. Many people report that the use of Tierra products has helped them alleviate numerous types of acute and chronic pain associated with inflammation. Grounding is often used to seek relief from back pain, joint pain, and pain resulting from injury or surgery.
Reports are piling up of people sleeping deeper and longer thanks to Earth Connection products. They share their stories, recounting years of trying all kinds of sleep remedies, from pills to hypnosis, to no benefit. The verdict? Our clients have managed to sleep with the products of Ground Connection
Several thousand testimonials and product reviews from people around the world describe how grounding creates a rapid calming effect within the nervous system and produces positive changes. Users report success in relieving anxiety, emotional stress, panic, fear, and symptoms of involuntary muscle contractions and spasms, including headaches and dizziness.
How do grounding products work?

In our hectic modern lives, we can't always spend time outdoors. Grounding products are intended to replace direct contact with the Earth. Our products are designed to be used through a grounded wall socket. Simply test a wall outlet for correct contact with the ground input, plug in your product, and rest all or part of your body on the product. That's! You are now Connected to Earth!
1. EXTRA-premium material softness and comfort: This desk or grounding mat is made of high-quality cotton. The waterproof coating prevents damage from spilled drinks or other accidents. The rubber service base prevents it from sliding on the desk while you use it.

2. Grounding: The grounding desk mat is grounded using a ground wire and a ground wire from the electrical wall outlet. When we are grounded, positive and negative ions are attracted and negative ions will enter the human body to maintain our health.

3. Great Health Benefits- Electronic devices like computers, laptops and cell phones emit EMF and radiation that can cause potential health risks to your body. With our anti-emf / EMR and anti-radiation writing pad, electrons or negative ions are taken into the body from the earth's surface. This creates balance in the voltage of your body, which makes you feel better overall!

4. Safe -We will NOT experience any instant sensations, as it is completely natural without the need for electricity.
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